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Recruitment Process


We are delivering recruitment services to prominent companies for managerial level and specialist level positions. We are visiting our clients at their premises before starting to search and selection process in order to know them better. We analyze our potential client and the position in cooperation with HR department in terms of history of the company, culture and values of the company, details of workplace and working conditions, social benefits that they serve to their employees, compensation and benefits details. We contact with the senior managers of our customers in line with cooperation of HR department for analyzing the positions’ job description and qualifications of the position. We spend our best effort to understand the needs of positions and focus on right candidates.

First of all, ETHIC HR searches the relevant candidates from its own database. Then search goes on with career web sites, social media, newspaper ad and head hunting methodologies until reaching to the right candidates. Potential candidates interviewed with competency based interview techniques. Some part of interview is also communicated in English if necessary.

Our interview understanding and objective is trying to asses competencies of candidates, their personalities, adaptation capabilities to the client’s organization. If it is required, we apply foreign language tests and Psychological Assessment Tests that had been proofed the successful adaptation to Turkish Culture.

During the interview if we believe that the candidate is not appropriate for the position, we deliver career consulting services to the candidate by advising and helping to find an appropriate job.

We notify our candidates that we interviewed for the position whether the process is positive or negative. We try to reply all the applicants that we received their resumes for any positions with private e-mail. Ethic HR approaches the candidates with respect. This approaching is already awarded by Kariyer.net “Respect to Human” reward.

ETHIC HR Consultant prepares, detailed “Candidate Profile Report” both in English and Turkish for presenting it to senior managers of customer. This is a unique and privileged report that we present to our customers by ETHIC HR.

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ETHIC HR has "Private Recruitment Company" license from ISKUR. (The license number is 76, October 12, 2005)
“According to 4904 numbered article of Turkish Labor law, it is forbidden to get fees from job seekers.”